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Southern Sustainable Electric (SSE) Australia’s

Whyalla Solar Farm Project

The Whyalla, South Australia Solar Plant project began in early 2015 with only a handful of investors, council approval and no federal funding. Since then it has gained the support of the South Australian government and further investors to become the site of the first and largest utility-scale solar plant in South Australia to date.

Why SSE Australia?

SSE Australia is the infrastructure provider for the plant and is working on it with a number of key partners including Whyalla City Council, the South Australian government, BYD energy storage solutions and local contractors.

SSE has been manufacturing quality solar infrastructure since 1997 in China. In 2010, SSE Australia began delivering the same high level of service to Australian businesses. SSE is currently the only solar company in Australia that can deliver both commercial and utility-scale solar equipment and infrastructure.

Why Whyalla

Whyalla is the perfect place for a solar farm because it has some of the best solar reserves in the world, with around 300 days of bright sun each year.

Whyalla is commonly known as the ‘steel city’ because of its strong steel industry and its history of iron ore production. But it is fast moving toward becoming the ‘solar capital’ because of its idyllic solar farming conditions.

The Whyalla Solar Farm promises a number of benefits to the community, in the form of jobs and a steady stream of funds into the local economy throughout the project.

Clean energy benefits

South Australia is the national leader in renewable energy. Projects like this are helping the state reach its target of 50 per cent of energy use from renewables by 2050.

The project will help to create a sustainable clean energy source that is reliable and stable, help keep consumer energy costs down and help solve South Australia’s power supply shortages.

Investor benefits

Investors can expect healthy returns over the years. The Whyalla solar plant is a centralised ground mount solar system which transmits its output directly to the national grid. As solar power has much lower operating costs than traditional power generators needed for coal-fired plants, SSE estimates a minimum 7 per cent annual return on investment (ROI).

How long will it take?

The project will be tackled in three stages. It’s estimated stage 1 will be completed by July 2017 and the planned 150mw project will be finished by 2019.

  • Lease of land

  • DA and permits

  • Site Inspections and Meetings

  • Project Launch and partner site visits

  • Site works-leveling and fences

    Site works materials

  • Roadway and other works

    Underground power

  • Mounting system installation

    Panel installationInverter installation

  • Metering and monitoring system installation

    Testing commissioning

  • AEMO SA power registration

  • Final connection and exporting power

  • Application to Lease land for stage 2 and 3

  • DA process starts

  • DA and lease finalised and preliminary designs completed

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Southern Sustainable Electric (SSE) Australia, formelly known as Surpass Energy Pty Ltd is an Australian-based solar company with 19 years’ experience both domestically and overseas.


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