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The Whyalla Solar Farm is a landmark utility-scale solar power plant project for the Upper Spencer Gulf region of South Australia. As the location sees up to 8 hours a day of sunshine, it was considered the perfect choice for a PV utility-scale solar power plant.

SSE saw the potential and worked with key partners to get the project off the ground.

Surpass Sun Electric Co. LTD (SSE) – Project Owner

SSE is an international technology company that started in China in 1997. With over 20 years’ manufacturing experience in electrical and power infrastructure, the company’s success led them to expand their overseas operations. SSE Australia was established in 2010 and has since provided the same high level of service excellence to local businesses.

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Sunmania is a ‘turnkey sustainability solution provider’. Sunmania and SSE have had a relationship since 2015 when SSE installed 550KW of solar carport and ground mount system for Cootamundra Oilseeds, a partner of Sunmania.

Jinergy and Mibet are our panel and mounting system suppliers.

Government of South Australia

Government of South Australia

The South Australian government are supportive of the Whyalla Solar Farm project. The government has been instrumental throughout the process. The local member for Giles and the Department of Sustainable Development have helped us progress to the development stage of the project.  We are also grateful for the Minister for Innovation attending and speaking at the launch in December 2016.

Whyalla City Council

Whyalla City Council

The Whyalla City Council headed by Mayor Lyn Breuer is highly supportive of the project. The arrival of the Whyalla Solar Farm means the introduction of a new industry to the area and one which is sustainable. The project will hire local contractors, employ local people and where possible use local facilities. The Mayor also sees this as a great future opportunity for tourism, where Whyalla can be known as ‘the solar capital’.

Local partners

Here are some of the local Whyalla contractors we will also be partnering with.

Whyalla Earthworks
Ewings Contractors
Aquest Electrical Whyalla
Regional Development Australia
All Star Electrical
University of South Australia (Whyalla Campus)
CTI Solar

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Southern Sustainable Electric (SSE) Australia, formelly known as Surpass Energy Pty Ltd is an Australian-based solar company with 19 years’ experience both domestically and overseas.


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